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<p>Do you enjoy the zombie-slashing action of DayZ but want it in a more portable format? Good, because Mini DAYZ has soft-launched on iOS.</p><p>This pixellated beauty is based off of Bohemia Interactive's popular PC game. Plonked in the middle of a randomly generated apocalypse it's your job to get through it in one piece. Scavenge, explore, upgrade, and kill lots of zombie scum on your path to success.</p><p>Like any good survival game, Mini DAYZ is a cruel mistress. The weather will affect your health, your injuries won't heal without a little help, you'll be hungry and thirsty, but that's the charm of a survival game isn't it? Improve your stats and upgrade your weapons and armour to become a zombie-slaying machine.</p><p>Unlike the PC version, Mini DAYZ as far as I know is a single-player survival but it is free - totally free apparently.</p><p>Get the game on the App Store now if you live in the Netherlands, Philippines, or Canada. Don't forget to take a look at our handy guide on foreign iTunes accounts if you're not in the available country but want to play it. </p>.

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