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Bird Sort : Color Puzzle Games(MOD (Unlimited Coins) v1.11.0)

Syder Arcade HD developer Studio Evil has teamed up with nonsense comic book artist Sio to create a barmy-looking action-RPG for iOS and Android.It's called Super Cane Magic ZERO, which is a title that might give you an idea of the level of magical buffoonery you can expect from the game.It's about a guy (or a kid?) called Coso who is so naive that he'll believe anything so hard that it becomes true.If he believes that he can walk on lava, then he can. If he's feeling weak, he can believe that he has a second heart, and then he has one. Pretty neat if you ask me.The plot here starts with a Wizard Cake that dies from sneezing. Then, the Wizard's dog gets hold of his magical cane and starts to screw up the world..

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com.sigmateam.Bird Sort : Color Puzzle

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