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Tag Team Boxing(APK v14.0)

New players can see the new environmental things in Goat Simulator MOD APK. So everything looks very new. Don’t worry about traveling. The game provides an arrow mark and follows the arrow to travel to many places. In parkside, many child playing objects are appear. Drag the move button to go near the park things to play the see-saw, duck ride, roller coaster, and more. Also, the goat has moves like sports car speed. So don’t worry about the move. In real life, the goats are move very slowly. In this game, you can reasonably control the goats. Of course, players can freely control the goat without interruption. Knock the ordinary people, destroy the road sidecars and do anything without fear by you. Hit the walls and trees by goat head..

GAME NAME Tag Team Boxing

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com.sigmateam.Tag Team Boxing.free

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